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Winter at the Rum River Dam in Anoka

Welcome to The Anoka County Connection. We're glad to be here, and looking forward to providing more local news in Anoka County and the North Metro area.

Do you have a local story that needs to be told, or maybe told more completely? A story where relevant facts are simply not making their way to the surface? Reach out to us and see if we can help.

Often we wonder what's happening in our towns, and our County, but simply don't have the time or resources to figure it out. We hear a piece, a soundbite, something from a neighbor, but don't know where to go to get the whole story.

Our local news and cable sources are supposed to be helping fill the gap. Local Community Cable TV stations are owned by the cities, so while they report on the non-controversial topics, they rarely tell us what's happening behind the curtain. Local papers are mostly a thing of the past. If they exist, they too often take substantial portions of their budget from local governments for legal public notices. With their eye on survival, these papers need to be mindful of what they publish, or the risk seeing local governments place their advertising money elsewhere.

Create Relevant Content

We feel this forum is a great way tell some of the stories that we see as falling through the cracks. It gives our communities a place for their voice, and lets community personality shine through. We hope to create posts and videos covering relevant local news. We hope to cover what the big papers pass on covering because it's too small covering what small papers won't cover because it's too big for them to touch.

Your Participation Requested

If we could do this alone, we would, but journalism is a team sport. If you hear a story that needs telling, send us a note via our contact page form. If you know there is more to a story that helps us all better understand it, send us that information too. We'll publish a correction, or better, write a follow up. If there's enough there, we might commission a video.

We're looking forward to working and partnering with you, the public, our local businesses, the schools, colleges and other entities that make up the communities where we live to shine more light on interesting and relevant local news from Anoka County and the North Metro. We look forward to seeing you on our site and sending you our email based newsletter.


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