About Us 

Why another news source?

Born from equal parts frustration and hope, the Anoka County Connection attempts to tell the simple but significant stories that are being ignored by others.


We feel passionate about whole stories.  Once a story is told entirely, a reader's focus shifts from gathering information to rendering judgment.  Often, readers are not presented with all facts when a story breaks, which changes how they think about the issue.  At a time when information floods the world, critical analysis becomes ever more important.  Missing facts are as important as an overemphasis on the unimportant, and together work to veil a more complete picture of the truth. 

We feel doing right by local news shouldn't be a challenge, so we're here to make a go at it.

Join us in reading and in sharing local news stories.  We're hungry for tips, so if you have an Anoka County or North Metro story to tell, please send it our way.

Who we are.

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